How Candles Are Made?

candle making


Candles are the very first source of illumination. This has been used for different purposes such as in replacement for electricity-dependent source of light.

With the modern technology, the process of making candles have been modernized as well but the art of candle making has remained the same to the original process that are practiced even before. Vegetable fats or animal fats were used for creating the first candles.

candle presentation

But before we’ll go further, see the image on the right, that are the parts of a candle. So that when I discuss later, we all have the knowledge about it.

Going back, animal fats and vegetable fats are used before. But, as time has passed, beeswax became widely used as it has more pleasing odor and it has the absence of the mess that melting animal or vegetable fats produced.

The original candles were produced through the method of dipping. This said method was used to produce wicks. After the base or wax was heated into its clear and liquid-state, it is then filtered to remove any impurities that may cause hassle with the final product of candle’s burning process. After that, dyes or perfumes are added for final touch, this goes to all scented candles. Did you know that candles that are made of beeswax were produced by both pouring and dipping method?

During the pouring method, the beeswax, considered it’s melted will be then poured over to a suspended cotton wick. Simultaneously, wick will needs to be manually twirled. After enough wax has been gathered at the wick’s bottom, the candle is reversed to the other end again.

Joseph Morgan candle maker

Thanks to Joseph Morgan that he introduced the candle making machines which has now brought to mass production of candles. Today, the machines used are copied from Morgan’s original version but are now more faster, accurate and with finished quality, too.

The raw materials of candles usually consist of paraffin-it is a colorless or white soft solid derived from coal, petroleum or oil shale.

The Process of Manufacturing Candles

There are only three steps to finish the candle making. First is the preparation of the wicking, second is the preparation of the base and the last and final test is the continuous molding or the term “extrusion” of the finished candles. It can described on to this image below.

  1. The wicks are processed with organic or chemical solutions and is braided simultaneously. The wick needs to be in 90 degree angle, as according to one article, if the wicks are not treated correctly, it may be burned too quickly or the candle becomes dangerous.

candle making

2. Molding the candle. Since the machine of Morgan has greatly helped us, it is now very easy to mold candles depending on the size, shape and form that we want the candles to be.

3. Extrusion is the last process in which the paraffin wax that is rushed will be forced through the heated steel under very extreme temperature.An alternate method uses extrusion, a process in which crushed paraffin wax is forced to die through a heated steel die under extreme pressure. In this stage, the candles will be produced very long which is then cut into specific size. Then, the candles are set to be packed.

Though, this is just an overview with how candles are made, hope it will help you. And that you learned something out from it.

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