Why Candles? What are the benefits of Candles?



Candles are our very first portable illumination. It may be as simple and as unimportant small little thing for you, but candles have served our ancestors vital functions and even today, for some, if not all, it served us our emergency light source during power interruption.



Did you know that according to historians, candles were invented by primitive humans who dipped dried branches in animal fats? Thus, it produced slow-burning and one reliable source of light?

candle making

Candles have been used widely for religious celebrations. The Holy Bible even make notable reference for candles. In the story of King Solomon, for instance who built the Temple, has used ten candle-sticks to light the south and north ends of the structure.

Even during Middle Ages, candle making has become one of the popular occupation. One evidence is the creation of guilds for candle makers throughout the Europe continent.

Later than that, did you know that candles were used for popular auctions? Yes. Candles were used for keeping time. The bidding time before was limited by inserting a pin into a candle and people just let the wax melt until the pin dropped to the floor, concluding the period of bidding. 

Right now, candles come in many different shapes and forms. Candles also served different purpose for humans. Read on for some insights about how candles benefits us.

candles skin care

Aside from the traditional and usual usage for candles, people now uses candles for relaxation. Candles are mostly seen in spas and beauty salons.

According to one source, having candles especially scented candles can help calm an individual, thus, promoting relaxation.

The light from the candle promotes focus

During birthdays, candles are always present to remind us not just the count of years we are living in this world but it gives us a moment of realization. The candle light from the candles on your cakes gives each of us an overwhelming moment and experience. You can focus on your wish and can focus on the happiness that is going on.

Candles can help express emotions, moods and personality

People nowadays, celebrate with the use of candles. Aside from using candles during birthday celebrations. Candles are widely used for men to confess their feelings to the woman they love through a romantic dinner, of course with candles.

As we can observe, spas uses candles with aromas. The aromas magically improves our mood and eventually gives us a more relax and soothing feeling. The aromas in candles acts as if fresh air to our nerves. It freshen us up.

Choosing the right candles say so much about ourselves, too. You can have candles in your room but it depends on your character. Like me, I’m a mom. So, I wanted a space that is gentle, caring and safe for my daughter. I’m a simple woman so I prefer the not-so extravagant scented candles. I have here a lavender candle right now.  It does not just lighten up mine and my child’s mood but it act as a design on our room, too.

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